Mobility Challenges Faced by Rural Women and the Implementation of the National Transport Policy in Busega District, Tanzania


  • Deborah Andrew Ngusa University of Dodoma



intersection, mobility, Tanzania national transport policy, rural women


This article is a product of a study that sought to analyse mobility challenges faced by rural women in Busega District, Tanzania, and examine the practice of implementing the National Transport Policy of 2003. Through adopting the intersectionality theory, the study sought to establish a connection between the implementation of the National Transport Policy (NTP) and its potential to improve the mobility of rural women. The study utilized a cross-sectional research design to collect data from a sample of 210 respondents through a household survey, interviews, focus group discussions, non-participant observation, and documentary review. Thematic analysis was applied to qualitative data, while descriptive statistics and Chi-square test were used for quantitative data. Based on the distribution analysis, it is evident that the majority of rural women were compelled to walk a long distance to access public transportation services. In addition, the Chi-square test results indicate a statistically significant difference at p<0.001 from the five-point Likert-scale, implying that rural women’s satisfaction level on the access to transportation services differed based on the location of their households. The study concludes that despite the intentions of the NTP, its practical implementation has failed to adequately address the unique transport needs and mobility challenges faced by rural women. The study recommends that the government undertake an intersectional analysis of the existing transport policy by identifying and addressing the mobility challenges faced by rural women when accessing public transportation services. This should be achieved by implementing measures that improve the accessibility and availability of transportation options for rural women. Also, the government can promote an equitable and inclusive transportation system that caters for the needs of all citizens.


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Deborah Andrew Ngusa, University of Dodoma

Institute of Development Studies



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Ngusa, D. (2023). Mobility Challenges Faced by Rural Women and the Implementation of the National Transport Policy in Busega District, Tanzania. Tanzania Journal for Population Studies and Development, 30(2), 1-26.